Swerve Weekly – News Highlights

With Uber & Lyft, you've got a captive audience for the time the passenger is in the car. What you do with that time could lead to bigger and better things . . . as several drivers are finding.  Uber is a great *side hustle.*

And maybe your side hustle inspires you to create something specific... like an Uber for the elderly.  Arrive - for citizens who are more comfortable with a less tech savvy experience.  The passengers speak to someone on the phone who will come pick them up.  Sounds a bit like a taxi service  . . .

If you really want to be an Uber or Lyft driver but don't have a car, EFleet is ready to help. While services of this type have been offered before, EFleet is offering only electronic cars on a short-term, FairShare split lease.  Not sure how the price will compare to the payday loan type vehicle leases Uber has recently been sued over, but it may be an option for some who need quick income.

 In a related move, Uber just inked a deal with Zipcar to put more drivers on the road (Can anyone say - OVERSATURATION!?)


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