Trick or Treat?

October 27, 2016 uberg1rl 0

Thought it might be fun to offer a treat for the driver who can come up with the best meme for this tricked out ride! […]

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Paying it forward

September 4, 2016 uberg1rl 2

I just want to say, all feelings about Uber the company aside, I have met some really awesome people who are just downright kind to […]

Independent Contractor

July 12, 2016 uberg1rl 6

Uber and Lyft say that drivers are independent contractors.  That terminology gets thrown around a lot but what does it really mean?  Here’s some basic […]

What an experience

July 9, 2016 uberg1rl 0

You never know who you’re going to pick up when driving for Uber.  Today I got a ping followed by a text:  “I’m at the […]

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Autograph Hound

June 18, 2016 uberg1rl 0

It didn’t dawn on me when I first started driving that I would run into “famous” people.  But time and again I find myself sitting […]

Morning After G1rl

June 12, 2016 uberg1rl 1

A lot of TNC (Uber) drivers have day jobs and work only in the evenings or weekends.  Others of us have a more flexible lifestyle […]