Uber is a . . .

January 7, 2017 uberg1rl 0

I was reading posts on other driver pages and came across this: “Uber is strictly a technology company” How true it is! Perhaps that is […]

Let’s talk ethics

January 6, 2017 uberg1rl 1

When I was studying to get my business degree I had to take a class called “Business Ethics.”  It covered many ethical issues and we […]

If Uber is your enemy

November 16, 2016 uberg1rl 0

There’s something to be said about the love / hate relationship many drivers have with Uber.  On the one hand it’s fun to meet new […]

Hate and Fear =

November 10, 2016 uberg1rl 0

 This was posted 11/9/2016 by Kurt Sutter, creator of the Sons of Anarchy series in the aftermath of the election.  I am posting it here […]

Uber Shuck & Jive

October 7, 2016 uberg1rl 0

In Uber news this week comes this story out of New York: fake Uber drivers picking up passengers at the airport.  First thought, these passengers […]