Where to drive, where to sleep, where to tunnel

Another busy week in rideshare land. . . and some interesting things I didn’t know. So this week you get to learn where to drive , where to sleep and where to tunnel.  Just a bit of craziness in the world that is Uber and Lyft.

If you can’t stand the traffic, just build a tunnel.
And if you’re Elon Musk, you have enough money to do just that.  He tweeted his frustration and now the world wonders how serious he might be about that tunnel idea. . .

Not sure who needs more “in car” defense tips: passengers or the drivers . . .
Remember that you are in a very close environment. You will have to use very simple, “grunt” techniques to defend yourself. (can’t wait to find out what they mean by “grunt” because I don’t think making gutteral noises is going to cut it with some of the stories I’ve heard.)

In the lawsuit that won’t go away department, yes that one,
Uber wants the courts in California to stick with a single arbiter’s ruling when determining the employment status of drivers. Last year the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that Uber could require most drivers to go to arbitration instead of court. That gave the company the upper hand in a hard-fought lawsuit brought on behalf of 385,000 current and former drivers in California and Massachusetts over claims they should have the rights and benefits of employees rather than independent contractors.

Lyft adding 100 cities, hoping to loom larger in Uber’s rear-view mirror –
sort of like the tortoise and the hare. Will Lyft catch up in time? Will Uber trip over their egos and fall behind in the end? Stay tuned . . .

On a personal note – Wichita now has a choice,
After 2.5 years of only Uber, the drivers and passengers of Wichita can order a Lyft. Still need to work out those airport details but at least we have lyft-off! (Yep, that’s Uber G1rl quoted in the article)

But even in Kansas, drivers will drive hundreds of miles (really) to get to a busier location…
they aren’t the only ones trying to come up with a better way.  All over the country, there are many who don’t. These drivers live near, but not in, expensive cities where they can tap higher fares, ferrying wealthier, white-collar workers to their jobs and out to dinner — but where they can’t make enough money to get by, even with longer hours.

Even with all the scrambling Uber / Lyft drivers are doing to make ends meet,
Uber has now passed Starbucks as the most common item on a business traveler’s expense report. A new study found that 6% of all business travel transactions in 2016 were with Uber.  No worries, Starbucks, which remains the most popular meal expense.

Finally,  back from a trip to Arizona (maybe they weren’t welcome in that state either!)
the Uber self driving cars are back in SF – but Uber swears (are those crossed fingers I see) that the cars are manned and only being used for mapping….

That’s this week’s Swerve
Have a great weekend!

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