If Uber is your enemy

Love Hate Relationship with Uber

There’s something to be said about the love / hate relationship many drivers have with Uber.  On the one hand it’s fun to meet new people. Driving around jammin’ on the tunes is a fun way to spend time.  But on the other hand, there is a price that comes with toting people from here to there.  And, unfortunately, Uber doesn’t pay enough to compensate in some areas.

I’ve written before that the difference in the markets does determine how well someone will do with Uber as a side gig or (gasp) full time endeavor.  But even so, there are things that Uber does that just really don’t sit well with drivers. So what do we drivers do? We adapt!

Force us to UberPool for pennies? We stop taking requests! Sending requests that potentially cost more to drive to than we’ll get paid? We filter what we accept! And the list goes on and on.

Fueled by the anger, frustration and angst of the love / hate with Uber we drivers can take everything they throw at us and turn it around.

In my market we have started to band together and come up with our own marketing to develop our loyal customer base.  Seeing that Uber is busy flooding the already saturated market with more drivers we’ve figured out how to get repeat business and keep it to a select group.

We know Uber treats drivers like disposable tissues but we’ve started working with our local business people, leaders in key positions to make our voices heard and it’s working!  We got more done working through the airport authority directly than Uber ever did with our airport situation.  We’re in the middle of getting better drop off and pick ups in the bar district by meeting with local police.  It can work.

But here’s the thing – it never would have started had we not be angry with last year’s “Winter Warm Up” sale.  We would have just continued driving as individuals.  And isn’t that kind of the way the Revolution started? A few people in England not so happy came to the New World and decided they weren’t going to take it anymore.

Yes good things can come from hating your enemies.  So thank you Uber for making us so angry and fed up we’re making our own path.  And best of luck with those self driving cars.


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I've driven for Uber since October 2015, full and part-time. I started helping local drivers with tips and info. I have served as an Ambassador for UZURV, and now I'm an Ambassador for Lyft as well. I also help lead the local rideshare group.