Mentor Services

So you’re approved to drive for Uber, Lyft or another rideshare service but aren’t quite sure where to start . . . maybe you’ve turned on the app and even gotten a few rides but still feel uncertain.  How about those ratings?

Even if you have read all the info and watched countless videos it’s no substitute for talking to a seasoned driver.  A mentor is the perfect solution!

Having a mentor session with a rideshare driver can help you learn some of the best tips, tricks and practices to keep your rideshare score high and the passengers asking for more.

  • Learn how to properly pick up and drop off your passenger (yes there is a right & wrong way)
  • Airport run, what’s the protocol? Who handles the luggage? Does it matter?
  • Does providing extras like water, candy and etc. really make a difference?
  • What happens when my pax wants to go to multiple destinations or needs a round trip? How long should I wait?
  • How do you make sure you have the right person every time? What do you do when someone other than your pax tries to get into the car?
  • Problems using the Uber app – we’ve got answers!

Sure you can go to the many online groups and ask your questions, search for answers etc.  You’ll get info and you’ll encounter people who aren’t willing to share.  With the mentor service you’ll get the answers you want from a seasoned driver (between 6 mos to over 1 yr experience) with high star ratings.

Mentoring via phone starts at $25 per 1/2 hour.  Ride along mentoring starts at $75 per session

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