From the passenger seat

March 11, 2017 uberg1rl 0

A couple of weeks ago I was in Dallas for the annual National Cheerleader’s Association (NCA) event.  It’s crazy busy with cheerleaders, all the hotels […]

Acceptance & Cancellations

January 26, 2017 uberg1rl 0

There’s a lot of talk daily in the online driver’s groups about cancellations and acceptance rates.  Passengers cancel on us, we cancel on them and […]

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500th Passenger

February 29, 2016 uberg1rl 0

A couple of days ago I had my 500th passenger. It was a mother and daughter making their escape from the plains to Vegas.  While […]

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What’s my line

January 11, 2016 uberg1rl 0

Have you ever wondered about the people who drive for Uber or other rideshare companies?  What makes them want to be at the beck and […]