What exactly IS the right thing?

The English language has 3000 words for “drunk.”  And while I’m typing this week’s issue of Swerve at 3:44 am, it’s not because I’m drunk.  It’s insomnia… which is also the reason I’m the “morning after girl” – picking up those hungover, walk of shame victims from the night before.

And that leads me to this week’s issue of Swerve . . .

This week over 200,000 people decided that they won’t be using Uber when they are drunk.  That’s the count of how many participated in #DeleteUber on the heels of some questionable actions and associations by one Travis Kalanick.

In case you’ve been in a cave this week, here’s a nice timeline of exactly how these events transpired.

The whole week turned into a race to “do the right thing” and political messages were doled out across many heavy hitters including Apple, Google and Netflix.  In addition, politically charged emails were  received by drivers on both sides of the Uber vs Lyft:

It’s up to you to figure out which cause you’re going to back. But one thing’s for sure, this whole debacle has exposed what drivers already knew, Uber has a loyalty problem. 

By misreading people, Uber angered customers, lost a good number, and provided an opening to Lyft. Not the best strategic day someone has had.  And on Jan 30, Lyft app downloads surpassed Uber for the first time ever.

After #DeleteUber continued to trend Travis finally figured out it’s not good to be against an executive order while serving on the presidential advisory board. Kalanick finally resigned the advisory council. . . too little, too late.

On the rather quiet front, Lyft cut about 17 staff last week in an effort to get lean.  They have changed focus to more on alliances with healthcare and government liaisons, an area where Uber is weak.  The goal is for Lyft to be profitable in 2018 – they are stepping up the game and are ready to compete.

So how do you find out what your competition is up to these days? Well you could just send an email and ask for (very personal) pay stubs. That’s just what Uber was up to this week.  And the money offered was better than driving for Uber.

And that’s it for the week. Other than the usual taxi’s squabbling that Uber and Lyft are bad for society and the occasional alleged assault complaints, it was actually a pretty quiet week.

Have a great week!
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