REVIEW: The Tip Cup

I was approached by Roy Hill to take a look at and review his Tip Cup by Tipsters LLC.

This is a tip cup designed to fit in the cup holder and plugs into a USB that powers a multi-colored LED light. The cup has a “TIPS” sticker on (comes separate so you don’t have to use it) it and the whole cup puts a nice glow in the vehicle.

These come in 3 sizes:  small (8″), medium (10″) and tall (12″).   Roy was kind enough to send a medium sized Tip Cup to me to try out.

Upon receiving the Tip Cup I was impressed with the overall look. Clean, clear acrylic tube with a smaller opening in the top so money goes in easily, can’t be pulled out by passengers.  The top rim does come off so you can get into the jar.  It looked like a great size too, any taller would have been way to much in my car (I drive a MINI Countryman – SUV).

While still at home, I plugged in the USB to try the lights.  Fun! Colorful, blinking option, very eye catching and would be entertaining to passengers.  

So I was ready to try it out myself and found that the Tip Cup doesn’t fit in my cup holders.  Very
disappointed.  My cup holders are large enough to hold the 32 oz drinks from convenience stores so this was a surprise to me.  The Tip Cup was too large for my cup holder, it would not go in at all.

I asked a couple of fellow drivers to try it out for me.  Surprisingly, the Tip Cup didn’t fit well in their cup holders either, it didn’t seat all the way, would only go 3/4 of the way down. But it did fit better than in my car so they took the Tip Cup for a drive over the past week, driving only evenings and weekend nights.

While the photos will show that this is a really colorful addition to your car,  there was no reported increase in tips nor did they have any comments from the passengers about the Tip Cup.  Which I found surprising, I thought something like this would, at minimum, be a conversation piece.

So bottom line.  I would give this item:

  • for concept
  • for design (doesn’t fit well in all cup holders)
  • for serving the purpose of calling attention to / increasing tips

Overall score:  

The Tip Cup sells for $38.95 shipped.  If you are interested in purchasing one from Tipsters LLC,  click here for their Facebook page and visit the shop.  

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I've driven for Uber since October 2015, full and part-time. I started helping local drivers with tips and info. I have served as an Ambassador for UZURV, and now I'm an Ambassador for Lyft as well. I also help lead the local rideshare group.


  1. I read that review and that could be further from the truth. I have had excellent success. I usually make more in tips than in Uber fares. The first night I had the tip cup it paid for itself by 4X. I even have had some Lyft riders cash tip and app tip. I have never received less than thirty in tips every night I’ve been out. Tip cup 4 life. I would venture to say the drivers didn’t do the night shift to much.

  2. Wow, out of curiosity what market do you serve? At a minimum my tips have doubled since using tipsters tip cup, and at least 75% of riders ask about it, with many of them surprised that tips aren’t included in the fare, I highly recommend it, thanks.

  3. Tip jar was unsuccessful! Did not serve the purpose to increase the tips while I & my hubby drove this past week/ weekend evenings! Not one comment about either & it did not fit well in my cup holder either. Good invention though!

    • Do you enjoy driving and talking to your customers and offer water 💦 or gum. It all works together good customer service will get the conversation and then tips will fall into the tip cup. It’s a conversation piece. But the first thing is have you ever received any tips just off of your customer service skills?

  4. Hello, I have been using the Tipsters tip cup for six months now and highly recommend it for increasing your tips from Uber passengers as well as lyft. I drove without it and rarely received tips, it’s a very noticeable suggestion that tips are acceptable. It’s is commented on by many of my passengers In a positive way. I also have the light kit for my floorboards an my riders love them, great reviews by them. I wouldn’t drive without them. Also I know of only one person that the cup wouldn’t fit properly, she removed the bottom cover and it was perfect 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Sharon. I did try removing the bottom of the tip cup, but then there is nothing holding the money in and, unfortunately, it still didn’t fit 🙁

  5. Since I have gotten mine tips have increased drastically and I have many people ask about tipping because they either think we are not allowed to accept tips or that tips are included. I am so glad I bought this. It is money well spent, a great business investment and also you can write it off on your taxes.

  6. Well my Tipsters Tip cup is the one item that has paid for itself over and over that I have invested in. I drove for the first year without one and received probably a 10th of the tips I receive now. It may not fit perfectly in your cup holder but big deal!!! That’s not the point. Yes there are going to be some people that never tip, but there are a lot that do. The cup opens up the topic and is a discussion that I enjoy explaining. So many riders do believe that the tip is included in there fare. I think the question is, “WHY NOT”. I feel it’s a no brainer. It’s an investment in your business and one of the best investments I made in my business.

    Oh and a little about me. I’m one of Lyft’s 30 founding drivers here in Tulsa, Ok which started March 23, 2014. I was a mentor and also am an ambassador for Lyft I’m an ambassador for Rideshare Drivers United, a group of drivers helping drivers be better drivers and I drive for both platforms. I ❤the tip cup!!

  7. If every cup holder was the same things would be easier no doubt. Universally the cup fits 99 out of 100 times. The cup is not needed to go all the way down. In fact the more that’s visible the easier it is for riders to see the tips in the cup. Being a Lyft Ambassador a proud Uzurv Ambassador and a long time uber driver this is the best thing to happen to my business.

    Pro tip. City knowledge,navigation and social cues will always have an impact. Mastering those and adding a tip cup can change the game.

    Thank you to the author for taking time to review the cup, and add suggestions to help us continue to grow. In the future for the rare chance the cup won’t fit we will have an adapter to help accommodate our rideshare friends.

  8. I have been using this tip cup since October 2016 it has paid for itself well over 15x yes there are weekends you will go out and not receive many tips but it is about awareness the people that don’t tip will see this cup and see that it’s okay to tip your driver. Some people will question it saying I didn’t know you could accept tips or I didn’t know uber allows drivers to have tip cups or the great old I thought the tip was included and I happy explain to them why drivers deserve tips and how uber has lied about it in the past and lost a lawsuit about it. And also explain to them that when the rates were higher tips definitely were not necessarily but since they have lowered the rates 3 times most drivers do not make a profit while driving for uber x and that’s why tipping your driving is a good thing to do to show you appreciate your driver and what we all do to help people. Also the more people in your city that have the tip cup helps a lot because it helps spread the word in the masses. I got you say I won’t drive without it and definitely you need to be putting at least $10 in the cup to start a 5 and 5 1s that helps big time and riders will see/think that others are tipping so they should too. I’ve noticed when I don’t have money in there to begin with tips generally are not as good. But again don’t give up if at first you are not receiving tips sobe weekends I’ll go out and make over $100 with the cup others I’ll be lucky to get $20 but it’s all about the awareness and in the end it’s the best investment I have ever made as a Rideshare driver! 🙂 Happy driving!

  9. During the time that I used it this week I yielded one tip. This is well below my average compared to previous trips and feel it actually hindered riders from tipping. My honest opinion is that it is somewhat tacky, screams desperation, and the results were less tips than I would usually get without a tip jar. In my experiences, being friendly, accommodating, and polite will yield far better results. I will not be using one going forward. Thanks for letting me be your guinea pig Teajai M Kimsey. On a side note, I had one LYFT rider last night. I asked him how he liked LYFT and which service he liked better. He preferred LYFT because of the ability to tip in app. Most people do not carry cash now days and it takes the awkwardness out of any tipping transactions. I think that as LYFT becomes more popular here in Wichita we are going to see better typing results.

  10. I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said. It’s been great for me personally. Paid for itself many times over and absolutely has been a convo starter about the topic of tipping. I would keep using it for sure.

  11. Mine has been in 3 different cars and it fits in all three. And I do think it’s helping my tips. I went from may be getting $20 a week if I was lucky to getting a lot more. This week I got $65 in tips and that was with missing two days and I normally work.

  12. I may have just experienced a tough crowd this week and over time it would likely get better. Every market is going to be different as will customer base, I appreciated the chance to give it a try.

    • Kevin, feel free to add me on facebook i might be able to help you make more with it. Would be honored to try. Thank u for using it. I don’t know if the picture is accurate for how it was seeded but most users add $8 to $10 to get it looking juicy .

      I also thank the author for her time and commitment. I hope based on consumer reviews she might even consider adjusting some of her ratings.
      “In your car or in your bar we make tipping fun”

  13. I have to disagree. I get complements on it all the time. People see them and recognize tipping is acceptable. The tip cup has at least tripled my tips if not more. It paid for itself in one Saturday night. This past weekend is a perfect example. It was busy and I did not have my tip cup out. I made $27 in tips and $142 in rides. In previous weekends I average the same amount and using the tip cup brings me in at least $70 or more in tips. Although approach and conversation about the cup does make a difference, when it’s not there, the thought can slip their mind. I don’t have a bottom on mine so if fits and this does not cause me any problems because it’s cash and it just falls into my cup holder when I lift it up at the end of the night.

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