Uber shocks drivers with extra pay offer

Today one of my fellow drivers reported an email he mysteriously received from Uber:

Uber Offers Pay Subsidy
This is the first anyone in my market had mentioned so I posted on another national board asking if anyone else had received the email.  Turns out that drivers across the US are sporadically receiving the above email AND extra compensation.  So far amounts have been between $2 up to $12.

One driver thought maybe the offer of funds for longer trips was in conjunction with the recent app roll out of the “new feature” where Uber tries to connect riders with closer drivers, therefore cancelling you on a long deadhead run to the first pax (which is still rather rude since you started that direction).  With the new feature they are hoping to redirect drivers to closer pax as well but if you drove all the way to the first pax because *shock* no one else needed a ride (that lack of riders problem) then maybe they figure they owe you for the trip.

How do I get my extra funds for those trips?

If you read the email carefully it looks like an incentive to go the literal extra mile (or 10) to pick up pax who are 10 minutes or more away from you voluntarily.  And if you have done so, Uber is trying to recognize that you drove further out than you got compensated so they are calculating an amount that makes the trip more equitable.

Can you get the extra by contacting Uber? 

No one who responded had made any effort to contact Uber, the compensation was seemingly random, without prior request.

And note: the email also mentions a 4 week opportunity.  Could this just be a holiday deal to try and help riders / drivers connect in long distances during the busy shopping / travel month? Could be.

Interesting that they are taking a proactive stance on this one, I for one have had to stop accepting longer distances because it often does not pay for itself (at least in this market) in terms of gas, maintenance etc.  I had 4 pings of 10 to 17 minutes away on Sunday and if I had driven to each of them I would have put over 40 miles on the car just getting to the passenger before making a dime.

Would love to read your comments on this one . . . did you get paid? Did you try requesting pay and receive it? How did this shake out for you, or did it not?


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  1. Hey Uber, The reimbursement for a short ride after a long ride to pick-up should be time + mileage, not just mileage. And paying for the wait time wouldn’t hurt either.

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