Uber is a . . .

I was reading posts on other driver pages and came across this:

“Uber is strictly a technology company”

How true it is! Perhaps that is the nugget of knowledge we’re all overlooking as drivers.  They aren’t in the business of transporting people from A to B.  They are in the business of providing technology.  We, the drivers, are in the transportation business and the Uber app is merely a means to an end.

How does that change the way you look at Uber or your status as a driver?

  1. If Uber is just a technology company, we are indeed their customers, as much as the passengers.  We’re all just minions using the technology.
  2. As a technology company, they have a smaller, select group of people (who have never driven for rideshare company) who are making life changing decisions without input from the users (drivers who are on the front line providing a service).
  3. As a technology company, Uber is notorious for implementing the fewest solutions to solve the greatest number of problems – unfortunately, the number one complaint of their users is the tipping function.
  4. As a technology company, Uber maintains complete control over the technology and the information they put out, without a concern for the human work force that uses the app.
  5. As a technology company, Uber’s answer to expectations revolves around cost and profitability, not risk and outcomes. Which explains why they seem to be the Walmart of rideshare companies in a race to the bottom with multiple pending lawsuits.
  6. If Uber is just a technology company, it certainly explains the lack of customer service.  Most progressive “non tech” companies start with the customer first and design backwards, Travis started with the technology and has been failing forward ever since.

Okay so if all the above is true, treat Uber as it is – just another app.  And remember, we’re just app users.

The cost of the app is their fee per trip.  How we use the app is up to us.  Generate business, cultivate relationships and build a clientele who is willing to use the app as a conduit for payment and mileage tracking.  Take away the “humanity” we all seem to think Uber has and remember it’s just another app.

When you look at things that way – it certainly takes away a bit of the headache.  Now if they could just get the app to track correctly 100% of the time, assign the correct payment 100% of the time – that would certainly help.  So what would you do with any other app that doesn’t work great? Rate them accordingly in the app store – which may affect the number of downloads and “new users.”

Unfortunately Uber has forgotten that there is a human element that can’t be ignored.  I mean you can’t just let ANYONE in ANY CAR jump on the app so they provide an app but they MUST check out who’s using it. And we’re all humans.  So they have to get into our business for us to use their app.

If you’re going to get into my business, you better be a bit more transparent, authentic and approachable. Uber is a bit more than a technology company after all.

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